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Welcome to Attunement


Why Are We Different?

Talk therapy alone isn't enough for whole person healing. 

While insight and vulnerability are valuable, true healing requires reconnecting with your body. 


At Attunement, we integrate somatic and psychedelic approaches into our trauma-informed therapy. 


Our practitioners understand the importance of a unified Mind, Body, & Spirit and help guide you toward their restoration. 


Your body holds the answers, so let's create a safe space for you to listen and find them. 


Let's connect!

About Us

Attunement psychotherapy & psychedelic healing is a therapeutic practice with an appreciation for the spiritual aspects of healing & wholeness. We believe that mental health challenges give us a window into the subconscious beliefs holding us back. We embrace the therapeutic process as an opportunity to “level up” our consciousness, integrating all of the traumas, neglects, and challenges borne out of our environment, spanning the perinatal to the present day. Healing is a relational process that connects us to ourselves and the people around us. In addition, to talk therapy, we use plant medicines and other psychedelic medicines like ketamine. We embrace the mystical and spiritual aspects of healing, knowing that they are a fundamental part of being human.

Our Approach

We do not pathologize our clients. We view mental health challenges as spiritual opportunities. Symptoms are signals and develop as a solution to trauma. We embrace the healing power of non-ordinary states of consciousness induced through psychedelic medicine and other natural means. We believe in sharing the wealth and seek opportunities to guide and learn from other practitioners.



To (re)connect people with the Self, the spiritual center from which we heal, grow & thrive.



Empower people to lead from wholeness so they can serve as psychospiritual pillars in their families, homes & communities.



We are dedicated to providing a safe, supportive, and compassionate space for individuals on their healing journey.


Common mental health challenges that we address include the following:





Developmental Trauma

Attachment-Related Issues

Religious Trauma and Faith Transitions

Relational Distress

Self-Sabotaging Behavior

Anger Issues

Performance and Motivation Challenges

Parenting Struggles

Mindfulness Training

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