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Our Providers

Christian Snuffer, CMHC - Owner of Attunement

Christian is the founder and owner of Attunement Psychotherapy and Psychedelic Healing. His first foray into the world of healthcare was through wilderness therapy. He quickly realized he enjoyed the "therapy" part of wilderness therapy as much as being outdoors. He decided to pursue this line of work as a career and continues to use the power of adventure and experiential education as a catalyst for change within himself and those he serves. He has nearly 10 years of experiences in different behavioral health settings, including wilderness therapy, substance abuse, adolescent residential treatment, community advocacy, and harm reduction.


As a practitioner, Christian views therapy as a spiritual process orienting one toward wholeness and peace. He values many aspects of this western paradigm and brings in knowledge from other spiritual traditions that our society has excised from the mental health space. 


Christian believes in doing his work and continues to study, attend his own therapy sessions, cultivate spiritual practices, and engage in ceremonies facilitated with indigenous wisdom, both with sacred plant medicine and without. He is a lifelong learner and frequently studies alongside his clients to best help them reach wholeness.

Christian Snuffer, CMHC

Or you can contact him via email, phone, or text.


Ivy Most, LCSW - Therapist & Clinical Supervisor

Ivy  Most, LCSW, is a psychedelic medicine-focused psychotherapist with a Master of Science in Social Work from the University of Texas at Austin. She has worked in private practice for 18 years. Ivy has experience working with complex trauma, grief, loss, and end-of-life, mindfulness, mind-body connection, spirituality, GLBTQ, and disenfranchised populations.


In addition to ketamine-assisted psychotherapy, she is trained in a range of complementary and healing modalities, including EMDR, Psychedelic Somatic Interactional Psychotherapy (PSIP), sound healing, and acupuncture.


Her approach to therapy is holistic, rooted in the body, and addresses the physiology of trauma. She believes therapy is not about illness but about wellness and optimal health. She is committed to helping individuals unravel outdated adaptive strategies and update their operating systems with healthier alternatives, to lead more fulfilling lives.


Lindsay Pomeroy, ACMHC - Therapist

Lindsay has been passionate about people and healing for as long as she can remember. That passion found its application nearly 10 years ago when she took her first job in the mental health field. Since then she’s sought experiences to grow and develop her capacity as a helping professional. She’s worked with people across the lifespan in wilderness, residential, and private settings.


Currently, Lindsay is working towards completing her Master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling.


Lindsay approaches coaching and counseling from a person-centered lens. She believes humans have an innate ability to heal when given the space and opportunity to do so.


Modern living has cut us off from our bodies, our communities, and our creativity. Lindsay seeks to reconnect her clients with these healing tools so they can show up in their own lives with health and wholeness.

Or you can contact her via email, phone, or text.

Lindsay Pomeroy, Clinical Intern/Coach

Jasmine Aldrich, Somatic Experiencing® Practitioner,  Coach, RYT 500

Jasmine has worked as a Somatic Practitioner, coach, and yoga teacher for the past several years and is currently working towards completing her Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology. Through a unique blend of body-based methods, she helps clients enhance nervous system regulation, develop safety in connecting with their own body, and create an innate sense of stability and trust from within. 


Jasmine deeply respects the wisdom of the Soma and sees embodiment as a process of reclamation and reconnection to the Self. During sessions, she facilitates somatic, emotional, and spiritual exploration in a way that resources and empowers the individual. Depending on the client’s needs and interests, she integrates elements of ritual, touch work, sound, breath, and gentle movement.


She prioritizes consent and agency in each session, and she strives to create a space that is welcoming and accessible for a variety of bodies, minds, and nervous systems. She values each client’s unique process and is especially curious about how the integration of the Soma and psyche can create a greater sense of connection, meaning, and aliveness in life. 

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Or you can contact her via email, phone, or text.

Jasmine Aldrich, SEP, Coach, RYT 500


Stephanie Snuffer, CHMC

Stephanie’s passion for mental and behavioral health came because of her experience working with children, parents, and teachers in an educational setting. As her youngest child was nearing her senior year of high school, Stephanie returned to school to get her ME in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. Her experience parenting nine children and her desire to support families in navigating the parent-child relationship make her relatable both practically and professionally. Stephanie is the right mix of compassion and challenge. She believes people innately have everything they need to deepen the quality of their relationships, and sometimes they may need help or support accessing those tools and different parts of themselves.


Stephanie is a Clinical Mental Health Counselor. She graduated with a BA in English from the University of Utah and a Master of Education in clinical mental health counseling. She has extensive experience working with families and students and works with individuals and families in the therapeutic setting.  


Stephanie has a passion for group work. Using appropriate education and disclosure allows for a vulnerability in the group process that brings about meaningful change in those who participate. Stephanie works using a variety of modalities, including cognitive-behavioral therapies, Internal Family Systems, attachment, and solution-focused therapies to help her clients achieve overall healing. She believes in the power of nature and getting outside and encourages mindfulness practices for all her clients.


When she’s not working, Stephanie likes to hike or mountain bike with her husband and anyone else who will come along. She loves movies, books, and her family. In addition to their nine children, she and her husband have more than a dozen grandchildren.

If you want to schedule an appointment with Stephanie, She is available for a free consultation call, you can contact her via phone or email.

Stephanie Snuffer, CMHC


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