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Psychedelic Somatic Interactional Psychotherapy is an autonomic nervous system based, body modality that speaks the language of primary consciousness, which is sensation, emotion, imagery, autonomic nervous reactivity (anxiety, panic, depression, dissociation),  and operates within the vast world of implicit non-verbal memory. Of the various directions a psychedelic substance can take an individual, the PSIP modality is designed to:


1) keep the focus on the personal (versus mystical or transcendent) and relational aspects of a client’s psychological functioning,


2) activate psychobiological autonomic nervous system based, self-correcting mechanisms to process anxiety, stress, depression, dissociation, PTSD, and complex relational trauma, and


3) establish a body-based processing pathway that is preferentially engaged by psychedelic medicines due to it being more robust than the cognitive processing channels of secondary consciousness.

Who Is This For?

PSIP is a trauma treatment protocol effective at treating attachment and developmental/relational trauma. It is somatically focused, meaning it works with the body and puts people into altered states so they are better able to attune to dissociation, allowing them to stay embodied through the therapy process. 

If you suffer from dissociation due to trauma and chronic stressors, then talk therapy is not the most effective way to treat that. Dissociation keeps us in a place of state-dependent memory, making it very difficult to remember and implement changes in our lives. To make changes in our lives, we must first reconcile dissociation so that we don't live with persistent numbness and disconnection from our bodies. 


PSIP is an advanced form of trauma treatment and requires a lot from the client.  Below is a comprehensive overview of the theory informing PSIP. 

If you are interested in doing this work, we require that you watch this video before submitting the application questionnaire to be considered for treatment. Yes, it is an hour long but it is very important that you understand what this therapy process entails an what is asked of you.

Please watch this video to learn more. 

If you prefer to read, you can get this info by reading the White Paper published by Saj Razvi here.

How To Move Forward

If you have read all the information above and you believe you are a good candidate for this treatment process, then we encourage you to fill out our application questionnaire. In order to be considered a candidate for treatment, this must be filled out in its entirety. Once we receive this, we will reach out to you to schedule a consultation call. 

If you are viewing this on mobile please access the application questionnaire here.

While you wait to hear from one of our therapists, we recommend you go to the PSIP YouTube channel and watch a couple of the recorded sessions there so you can have an idea of what the sessions look like. 

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